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6 Reasons To Start Seeds This Spring

Spring fever stirs garden dreams. As you ponder projects you'll tackle this year in your yard, consider trading garden center transplants for homegrown seedlings. Why start your own seeds?

Seeds guarantee the best selection – Garden centers sell a specific product line. If the plant you want isn't on the roster, you can't get it. Sow your own seeds, and you'll pick from a broad selection of herbs, vegetables and flowers. You can sample flavors and colors you might not otherwise find for sale.

It's easy – Germinating seeds is a snap – they're genetically programmed to sprout. The hard part comes next, though, as seedlings must be coddled after germination.

You'll save money – Price per plant drops dramatically when you grow your own seeds.

Seeds satisfy the itch to garden – Tucking seeds into soil can ease spring fever, especially when you're sowing while snow still swirls outside.

You may reap earlier harvests – If you try some season-extending tricks, you'll be able to tuck seedlings in the ground sooner, which means you'll be feasting while other gardeners are still watching the harvest ripen.

Avoid the crowds – When you grow your own seedlings, you can skip the spring shopping frenzy at local garden centers.

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